Blockbuster is returning to London for two days only

Blast from the past...

Fallen video rental giant Blockbuster is returning to the high street for two days only – and it’s all thanks to Deadpool.

The defunct rental chain will open for two days only in Shoreditch on September 17 to celebrate the DVD release of Deadpool 2.

Despite Blockbuster disappearing for good in 2013, the store will be a recreation of the original chain that graced our high streets, but Deadpool 2 will be the only title on offer.


To promote the DVD release, every shelf will be filled with copies of Deadpool – and fans are invited to grab their very own copy.

There’s also an added blast from the past – any fan who finds their original Blockbuster Video membership card is permitted to queue jump and claim a limited-edition VHS case that contains a digital download code for the film.

In a nod to the past, there will also be 1989 free copies of Deadpool 2 up for grabs, reflecting the year that the rental chain first opened on the UK high street in Kennington, London.

Deadpool 2 originally hit cinemas in April. In a four star review, NME wrote: “This is the near perfect package, creating a second chapter that maintains the anarchic spirit of the original while offering some surprisingly successful lamentations on the nature of love, loss and vulnerability.”

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