Blofeld actor Christoph Waltz to return to Bond only if Daniel Craig also signs up

The villain’s return is said to be dependent on the decision of the starring actor

Christoph Waltz, the actor behind Bond villain Blofeld, is said to be returning to the franchise – but only if star Daniel Craig also signs up.

As reported in The Mirror, Waltz – who played the villain in Spectre – is being touted to return in order to make Blofeld a running adversary for Bond. However, “The important clincher of it is that Blofeld can only work with Daniel back in the role to keep continuity,” states their source.

The possibility for Waltz to reprise his role in the next film was left open as Spectre ends with Blofeld alive, however Daniel Craig’s willingness to continue in the film’s titular role has recently come under question.


Before the release of Spectre, Craig stated that he would “rather slash his wrists” than make another Bond film, also claiming that he doesn’t “give a fuck” about who succeeds him in the role. Later that month, however, he backtracked on the claims, saying that he “says things and then changes his mind”.

Spectre is currently the fourth-highest-grossing film in UK box office history. It was recently overtaken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with Avatar and Skyfall (another Bond installment) making up the rest of the top three.


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