Blue Planet II viewers terrified by bird eating fish

"Don't go back in the water...."

Blue Planet II made its debut on our screens last night, and it wasn’t long before viewers became terrified by a fish that possesses the ability to eat birds.

Viewers watched on in horror as the Giant Trevally fish flew out of the water in the Seychelles before grabbing a sooty tern in mid air and devouring it.

“Just started watching Blue Planet, 15 mins in and I’m already traumatised by the bird eating fish”, one viewer wrote.


“Remind me not to for a dip where those bird eating fish are”, another said.

Check out a selection of reactions below.


The incredible moment was captured by BBC cameraman Miles Barton, who told the Radio Times how they managed to capture it.

“You could see the fish under the water, you could see the birds flying over the water and you start to see the fish track the bird like a little missile”, he explained.

“The fish manages to project itself a metre out of the water and then expands its mouth to the size of a small football to totally encompass the bird. It happens so fast you don’t really see it until you play it back.”

The show also proved to be a welcome return for Sir David Attenborough, who recently revealed that he’s planning on reaching his 100th birthday.

None, whatsoever”, he told the Daily Mail when asked if he could see any reason why he wouldn’t eventually turn 100.

Blue Planet II returns next Sunday.

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