‘Bohemian Rhapsody’s Rami Malek falls off stage after winning Best Actor at the Oscars


Rami Malek has had an unfortunate start to life as an Oscars winner, falling off stage only moments after scooping the Best Actor award.

The American star, who won for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, was given a brief check by paramedics after the ungracious tumble at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre.

Thankfully, he showed no signs of injury and was later seen showering people gathered backstage with champagne.


“Being on that stage, I don’t know how I looked on that stage, but I never thought this would happen in my life,” he told reporters after scooping the prize.

“As an actor, and there are so many of us, who only dream of one thing, perhaps it’s not this, it’s getting a job. So the fact I have got this in my hand right now is beyond expectation that myself or perhaps my family could have had.

A paramedic speaks with Rami Malek after falling off stage

““It’s been a tough battle. The fact I am here celebrating with you is proof a lot of things can be overcome and that anything is possible.”

As he accepted the award, Malek also paid tribute to girlfriend Lucy Boynton – who plays Mercury’s lifelong companion Mary Austin in the film.

““Lucy, you’re the heart of this film,” he said.


“You are beyond immensely talented. You have captured my heart.”

Paying tribute to Mercury, Malek also drew parallels to their backgrounds. While Mercury was born to Indian ethnic Parsi parents, Malek is the son of Egyptian immigrants.

He said: “We made a film about a gay man, an immigrant, who lived his life just unapologetically himself, and the fact that I’m celebrating him and this story with you tonight is proof that we’re longing for stories like this.

“I am the son of immigrants from Egypt. I’m a first-generation American, and part of my story is being written right now.”

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