Bookmakers reveal the favourite for who will win the General Election

Coral have released their latest odds for who will most likely be the next Prime Minister and which party will win the most seats

The latest odds for the General Election on June 8 have been revealed by Coral and Theresa May is currently the favourite to be Prime Minister after the vote.

Prime Minister Theresa May recently called a general election for this June, and while some polls have put the Conservatives at almost double the vote share of the Labour party, Coral’s latest betting odds have revealed that the current Prime Minister is favourite to win.

After polls failed to predict a Conservative majority in the 2015 General Election and a Leave result in last summer’s EU Referendum, the betting odds offer another way to predict electoral outcome.


Theresa May is currently 1/12 to return as the next Prime Minister after the election in June, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is currently at 7/1. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron stands at 33/1 alongside Boris Johnson, while the odds for Nigel Farage to become the next Prime Minister are at 100/1.

Coral’s current figures could also be used to predict the party who will win the most seats in the June 8 election. Currently, the odds for the Conservative party gaining the most seats stand at 1/16, while the odds for Labour gaining the most seats stand at 8/1.

The current odds for the party to win the most seats are:

• Conservative – 1/16
• Labour – 8/1
• Lib Dems – 28/1
• Ukip – 100/1
• Greens – 500/1

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You can register to vote in the next election now and the process takes about five minutes to complete.