Watch Boris Johnson not be able to pronounce Glastonbury properly

Boris made the faux-pas while criticising Jeremy Corbyn's recent Worthy Farm speech

Boris Johnson repeatedly pronounced Glastonbury incorrectly during a recent address in the House of Commons. Watch in the clip below.

The Tory politician and former London mayor was criticising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at the festival this past weekend when he pronounced Glastonbury as “Glah-stonbury”, leading to heckles from his fellow MPs.

Johnson also appeared to misquote Corbyn, claiming that he said he would “scrap our nuclear defence” during his Glastonbury speech. In fact, Corbyn didn’t mention Trident at Glastonbury.

Instead, it was Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis who claimed that Corbyn told him personally that he would get rid of Trident “as soon as I can”. The Labour Party has since said that Eavis was “paraphrasing” a conversation the pair had.

While Johnson appeared to criticise “people who spent £285” to watch “elderly people such as Kris Kristofferson”, he himself has been to Glastonbury in the past, most notably speaking at the festival in 2000. Watch footage of that beneath.

Meanwhile, Corbyn received what many have called a “rockstar welcome” when he arrived at Worthy Farm on Saturday, before making a number of appearances across the site – including a powerful speech on the Pyramid Stage to one of the biggest crowds that Glastonbury has ever seen.

Glastonbury boss Emily Eavis has since explained why Corbyn was invited to the festival.

“It’s felt like such a long time since you would put a political leader in that place, but it was the right time,” she said. “There are things we’ve been campaigning about here for such a long time. And the history that the festival has with politics and CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament]. It really felt like the right time. It was quite an overwhelming moment, actually. A lot of people were very moved by it. It was something totally special and a complete one-off.”