Bose Headphones accused of spying on music listeners

A lawsuit has been filed against the audio company.

Audio, stereo and headphones company Bose has been accused of tracking its users’ listening habits and selling data to third-party companies.

A lawsuit has been filed by Kyle Zak against the company in an Illnois court. Zak’s complaint accuses Bose’s Connect app – which allows its users to play music wirelessly through speakers and headphones – of tracking listening habits with users’ consent.

The complaint claims that listening habits of albums, podcast and radio programmes “reveal sensitive information about themselves that suggests their politics, religious views, thoughts, sentiments, and emotions,” which should be kept private. Bose has yet to issue a statement in response to the lawsuit, reports Fortune. Zak’s lawyers are seeking damages worth more than $5 million.

NME has contacted Bose for comment.

See the complaint in full below.