“I’m going to rest, recover and work with my doctors on this”: Brian Wilson postpones tour due to mental health issues

Wilson shared an emotional letter on his website earlier today.

Brian Wilson has announced that he is postponing his upcoming June tour dates, admitting that he feels “mentally insecure” after a period of illness.

The Beach Boys legend, who has spoken about his mental health issues previously, said that he wasn’t feeling well following surgery on his back, describing it as both “strange” and “scary”. Wilson went on to say that he had decided to take time out from touring to recover and seek help.

In a letter posted on his website earlier today (June 6), Wilson wrote: “It is no secret that I have been living with mental illness for many decades. There were times when it was unbearable but with doctors and medications I have been able to live a wonderful, healthy and productive life with support from my family, friends and fans who have helped me through this journey.


“As you may know in the last year or so I’ve had 3 surgeries on my back. The surgeries were successful and I’m physically stronger than I’ve been in a long time.

“However, after my last surgery I started feeling strange and it’s been pretty scary for awhile. I was not feeling like myself. Mentally insecure is how I’d describe it. We’re not sure what is causing it but I do know that it’s not good for me to be on the road right now so I’m heading back to Los Angeles.”

Brian Wilson

Wilson went on to say that he had felt “excited” about returning to perform and told fans that he’d been in the studio, “recording and rehearsing” with his band and “feeling better.”

He continued: “But then it crept back and I’ve been struggling with stuff in my head and saying things I don’t mean and I don’t know why. It’s something I’ve never dealt with before and we cant quite figure it out just yet.

I’m going to rest, recover and work with my doctors on this. I’m looking forward to my recovery and seeing everyone later in the year. The music and my fans keep me going and I know this will be something I can AGAIN overcome.”


Last year, Wilson featured on Janelle Monáe’s new album ‘Dirty Computer’NME described his voice on the album’s title track as loaded with “divine vocal harmonies.”

Last year, Wilson had his high school music grade changed from an F to an A. He was given an F by teacher Fred Morgan while at Hawthorne High School in California for a composition that would go on to be the band’s debut single, ‘Surfin”.

Some years later, Morgan commented: “Brian wrote a composition for me and it turned out to be ‘Surfin”. That composition got an F, but it made a million dollars.”

Dr. Vanessa Landesfeind, the current principal at Wilson’s old school, has now amended his grade, and invited the musician to campus to make it official.