Brie Larson provides update on ‘Captain Marvel 2’

The first origin story came to the MCU in March

Brie Larson has given an update on progress with Captain Marvel 2.

It comes as Larson reveals that “a lot of” Marvel actresses have expressed interest in the idea of an all-female movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con back in July that a second film in the series is in development, but the Captain Marvel sequel wasn’t outlined in the MCU’s plan for their Phase Four.


It means the film is unlikely to hit cinemas before 2022.

Speaking to Variety, Larson was asked if she had any concrete information about the timescale of Captain Marvel 2, replying: “No. I don’t really know what job I’m going to do next, which is very exciting. I don’t even know what my life’s gonna be!

“And most of this year, you know, I had to do the press tour,” she continued. “But then the last half of the year, I’ve just been focusing way more on just doing what I want to do that’s completely outside of my job.”

The March release of Captain Marvel followed the character’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame. The directors of Avengers recently addressed why Captain Marvel, real name Carol Danvers, didn’t spend much time on screen in the film, mostly spending her time in another universe.

Speaking to Empire, Joe Russo said: “It was a story about the original six. That was the focus of the film, to conclude a 10-year saga about those characters. And Carol’s a fairly new character.”


Larson also recently revealed that a lot of female Marvel actresses have expressed interest in an all-female movie.

In a three-star review of Captain Marvel, NME‘s Olly Richards said: “Larson is tremendous throughout. The fact this is the MCU’s first movie with a woman in the lead puts a lot of weight on her and she carries it easily.

“She’s got star-power swagger and charisma to burn. The movie becomes the most fun in the last half-hour when she’s really allowed to enjoy herself, living the superhero dream the movie has promised would eventually come.”


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