A Brooklyn pizzeria has made a Tide Pod you can eat

A Tide Pod challenge that isn't dangerous

A Brooklyn pizzeria has created a Tide Pod that you can eat after the Tide Pod challenge  swept social media.

The challenge involves people filming themselves “eating” the detergent packets, and has sparked a wave of memes in response.

Now, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg have created a safe alternative, dubbed “Pied Pods”. “We’re concerned about the youths,” they wrote on Twitter. “They’re eating laundry detergent pods. Our Pied Pods (filled w/ cheese and roni) have that bright, alluring colours that youths crave BUT are 100% edible and 100% not soap. Plus¬† they’re delicious.”


Speaking to Newsweek, co-owner Sean Berthiaume said the idea came to him “in a dream”. “As soon as I woke up, I headed into work and got to work on figuring out how to make them,” he said.

The Pied Pods are made of pepperoni, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and Italian spices, all wrapped in dough. On top, a blue and orange swirl made from dyed mozzarella is used to make them look more like an actual Tide Pod. “Basically, they’re mini calzones,” Berthiaume said. “I in no way think I’ve come up with some sort of culinary evolution.”

He added the pizzeria was “in no way” making fun of people engaging with the craze, but said everyone should “step back and realise that this is absolutely ridiculous”. “They should be eating edible, non-poisonous food,” he said.

“And if, for some reason, someone has some sort of deep-down desire to eat this hypnotic swirl of blue and orange, then we might as well provide that for them.”

Recently, an Instagram user posted a video of themselves trying to vape the liquid from a Tide Pod. They later shared a PSA video warning against anyone else trying to do the same after it didn’t turn out so well.