You can now dance with Childish Gambino thanks to the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

This sounds very cool...

The launch of the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone took place today (October 9) in New York City.

Revealing the new phone for the first time, Google have unveiled a host of new features on the Pixel 3 model. They’ve also released details of the phone’s release date and price.

Speaking about the new design, Google said it had been “designed from the inside out to be the smartest, most useful device in your life.” You can watch a video about the new phone here:

One of the phones most interesting new features includes an Augmented Reality (AR) device called ‘Playground’ which brings AR to the camera on the phone. There’s a tie in with Marvel and Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover who can now appear in your photos and videos.

You can also point the camera at a movie poster and Google Lens, which is built directly into the Pixel 3 camera, will bring through search information for the film so you can find film details together with times of cinema showings online.

According to TechRadar, additional features include motion auto-focus, new enhancements to Portrait mode and a free Unlimited storage at original quality in Google Photos.

The new camera is also good for gig videos too. Super 3 zoom will help you get higher quality photos of bands from the back of the room as well as gig selfies, thanks to ‘Group Selfie Cam’ which works similarly to an ultra-wide angle camera.

Google Assistant also has a host of new features – including a mode that can answer the phone for you. ‘Call Screen’ allows you to not answer the phone but receive a message that says what was said by whoever rung. Another feature, ‘Flip to Shhhh’ automatically silences the phone when you turn it upside down.

Inside the launch of the Pixel 3 phone – Credit: C Gunn

You’ll also be able to listen to music with a much higher sound quality thanks to the phone’s dual front-facing stereo speakers which are 40% louder than then last generation of Google phones. It also comes with six months free YouTube Music subscription when you purchase the phone.

The phone will be available to buy on November 1 with pre-orders beginning on October 11. The phone costs £629.