Cara Delevingne’s house has a David Bowie bathroom and David Lynch poker room

Watch the 'Suicide Squad' star give a tour of her LA home

Cara Delevingne has shared a video showing off her house which has a “vagina tunnel”, a bathroom dedicated to David Bowie and a poker room inspired by David Lynch.

The Suicide Squad star’s LA home, which was built in the 1930s, was heavily inspired by her favourite artists, musicians and directors, according to the star.

In the clip, which you can watch below, she cites her bathroom dedicated to Bowie, which features lightning wall fixtures and a Ziggy Stardust mask.


She also showed off her David Lynch-inspired poker room and “vagina tunnel”, which Delevingne said she tends to climb into to think.

She also cited Hugh Hefner as a big inspiration, referring to the home as her “Playboy Mansion”.

Meanwhile, Mulholland Drive star Justin Theroux recently said that even David Lynch didn’t understand some of the film’s complex storylines.

The 2001 surrealist neo-noir film saw Theroux play director Adam Kesher, who finds his wife cheating on him.

“He’s a total outlier because he doesn’t answer your questions,” Theroux said of Lynch. “[On] the first couple days of Mulholland Drive, I was course peppering him with a million questions like, ‘Well, why am I there? Who’s the cowboy? What’s going on? What reality are we in?'”


Theroux said: “I started asking him questions… When I finished a question, [he’d say], ‘You know, I don’t know, buddy. But let’s find out.’ He wasn’t being cute or cheeky or evasive; he genuinely didn’t know.

“He’s like, ‘I don’t know.’ It’s like you’re on an escalator into a cloud with him, you never know where the escalator lets off.”