Cardi B says God made Joe Biden president because Trump supporters were “out of control”

The rapper has been a vocal supporter of Biden since he was chosen as the Democratic candidate

Cardi B has sent a message to Donald Trump‘s supporters following Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election.

The Democratic candidate was named the 46th President of the United States earlier today (November 7) following the election on Tuesday (3). He will be inaugurated into the White House, alongside Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, on January 20, 2021.

In a three-video post on Instagram, Cardi told her followers she “knew who was gonna win” the election because “God knows better”. “You know why God put Joe Biden in place?” She asked. “Cos you Trump supporters were getting out of line.”


She continued to talk about the treatment she has received in recent weeks from Trump’s supporters, beginning after she shared her conversation with Senator Bernie Sanders. “These Trump supporters with a blue check on Twitter, y’all been coming at me every week for attention,” she said. “Y’all tried to scare my sister off the beach, y’all broke a pole on my husband’s car.

“Y’all was doing the most and y’all kept bullying people and picking on people and it got to the point that a Trump follower with so many followers was trying to send people to burn down my motherfucking house, to loot my house. Ya got out of control. This power that ya was having – it just got out of control.”

The rapper went on to tell those targeting her to not be scared of Biden’s win. “Y’all acting like Joe Biden’s gonna kick ya out of this fucking country,” she said. “You’re still an American at the end of the day, he’ll still care for you. Even though you was a fucked up person talking all that shit cos you’re a Trump supporter, he’ll still gonna care for you.”

Cardi added that, though she supports Biden in his presidency, that support won’t be unconditional. “If Joe Biden fuck up I’m gonna tell him my own self,” she said. “I’m gonna call him and say listen, you gotta fix it. It’s gonna take time, things are not going to happen in a month, in two months, in three months but it’s going to fucking happen. Joe Biden for the P!”


On election day, the star confirmed that she got up at 5am to vote, after growing tired of “getting upset every single time” she sees Donald Trump.

She has been a vocal supporter of Biden, having endorsed him for president in order to remove Trump from office. In August, she said she had spoken to him, telling him: “We don’t want no false promises.”

Meanwhile, Cardi feared that she would be “jumped” by Trump supporters while her husband Offset was detained by police as he drove through a rally last weekend.