Carnival time! Why you should check out Rock In Rio Lisboa for your summer festication

In global mega-gig terms, there are few names bigger than Rock In Rio, which launched in Brazil with none other than Queen in the headline slot. A festival that big can’t, apparently, be contained to one continent, and it’s now branched out to events in multiple locations worldwide, not least the Bela Vista grounds in Lisbon, where Rock In Rio Lisboa could be the festication you’re looking for. Here are seven reasons to check it out.

The line-up is poptastic

No seriously, it’s MEGA. Your headliners over the four days are Muse, Bruno Mars, The Killers and Katy Perry. Elsewhere on the bill: The Chemical Brothers, Demi Lovato, Bastille, Haim and more.

Lisbon is really, really cool

Trust us. Great bars. Great people. Amazing food. Sunshine. Value for money. You might not want to leave.


You can get wet at a pool party

Yeah, pools are great. Yeah, parties are great. But when you combine the two, something utterly magical happens. At Rock In Rio there’s an actual party pool right on site next to the Music Valley stage. Performers at the pool include local acts such as Moullinex, Da Chick Foxy Band, Buraka Som Sistema’s Blaya and there’s a Revenge Of ‘90s party for getting your Britney on.

You can take a step to Africa

Alongside the major talent on the main stages, you can expand your musical horizons at the EDP Rock Street, which this year celebrates African music and culture. In an arena designed to resemble iconic African architecture, you can familiarise yourself with Semba, Kilapanga, Funaná, Coladeira, Rumba, Jazz, Rock, Afro-Punk, Kwaito and Kuduro music, and check out essential South-African dance act Batuk.

You can ride a zip line

It might be the ultimate crowdsurfing experience, a zipline taking you over 90,000 heads at the main stage. So much fun, apparently, that Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto had a go when they last played.

You can eat really, really well


Lisbon’s Time Out Market is one of the greatest places to eat in Europe, and at Rock In Rio this year, there’s a pop-up version within the festival grounds. A 400 seat food arena, it’s the place to sample incredible Portuguese cuisine crafted by 14 chefs and restaurants, including Michelin Star-winner Alexandre Silva. Beats a soggy burger.

There’s a bit for fans of immersive cinema

The Pop District celebrates films with set recreations and live performances recreating famous scenes from blockbusters including Mamma Mia and Mission Impossible. Elsewhere, the Digital Stage celebrates art, music, videogames and more, and brings Portuguese and Brazilian YouTube megastars to their public and, er, you. Better them than Logan Paul though, eh.