The cast of ‘Breaking Bad’ have reunited at Comic Con

That's goddamn right...

The cast of Breaking Bad have reunited at Comic Con, sharing their experiences of the show after it reached its tenth anniversary.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were joined by a selection of the iconic show’s other cast members for the Los Angeles panel.

As they discussed their time on the show, Bryan Cranston revealed how he initially knew that the show had become popular.


“Nobody knew who we were. I knew we started to make an impact when the directional signs started to be stolen,” Cranston said, in reference to signs that told cast where to park.

“I kept thinking, ‘Not only am I getting lost, but something is happening.'”

Paul also surprised fans by bringing out his five-month-old daughter, who was dressed in a Hazmat suit traditionally seen on the show.

He praised his chemistry with Cranston, explaining how the actor often teased him that Jesse would die.

“He comes up to me and just gives me a really long, exaggerated hug,” said Paul.


“And he’s just not letting me go. I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘Hey man, it’s been a fun ride.’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ … He walks away.”

But while there’s been talk of the two showing up in Better Call Saul, creator Vince Gilligan says it won’t happen in the next season.

I think there’s an excellent chance of any and all these folks showing up,”, confirmed Gilligan.

“[But] you will not see Walt or Jesse in season four of Better Call Saul, and not to be a downer, but we hate jerking folks around.”