‘Celebrity Big Brother’ criticised for adding Dapper Laughs to ‘feminist’ season

The comedian has been dubbed 'sexist' and 'vile'

Dapper Laughs was added to the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, in a move that’s been widely criticised after Channel 5 proclaimed to be celebrating the ‘Year of The Woman’ with their previously all-female house.

Dapper Laughs – real name Daniel O’Reilly – was publicly shamed after making countless distasteful and sexist jokes via his popular Vine account. After his ITV2 show was cancelled due to Dapper Laughs claiming a member of his audience was ‘gagging for a rape’, O’Reilly killed off the ‘character’, only to bring him back a few months later.

Now, O’Reilly has entered the Big Brother house, following the launch of a previously all-female house, ostensibly chosen to celebrate the ‘Year of The Woman’ and 100 years since women were granted the right to vote in the UK.


Unsurprisingly, the move has caused a huge backlash – check out some of the most disapproving reactions below.



Earlier in the week, the channel was slammed for broadcasting an abusive relationship on One Night With My Exshortly after the CBB series launch.

The show – which reunites former couples for one night to talk things over – attracted complaints last night (January 2) after its season premiere featured a man angrily confronting his ex-girlfriend after she disclosed that she’d been on a date since their split.

The former couple, Amy and Tom, were filmed in conversation about their relationship, with Tom at one point angrily telling Amy: “I think you fucked it… You need to think very carefully about what you’re gonna say next”, before he then stormed off set.