The Chainsmokers insist they’d buy ‘incredible’ Lady Gaga a drink

Duo tell NME they don't want beef with Gaga

The Chainsmokers have played down their feud with Lady Gaga and said they’d buy her a drink if they see her at a festival. Watch our video interview above.

The duo feuded with Gaga after Alex Pall said her single ‘Perfect Illusion’ “sucks”. He told Rolling Stone: “A lot of talented people worked on it, but…” Gaga responded by sending them her new song ‘A-Yo’ on Twitter, with the message: “Maybe you guys will like tis one better.”

And now Pall and bandmate Drew Taggart have told NME that they admired Gaga’s response, adding that they were surprised at the response to their comments. See below for their video interview about their comments.


Pall said: “She killed that tweet, it was such an response from her. I love banter, and that was such a clever, witty response. 10/10.”

He added: “It was just my opinion, which I thought nobody would give a shit about. She can have that victory, I hope her album does incredibly well.”

Taggart joked that ‘A-Yo’ seemed to be an attack on The Chainsmokers, commenting: “It’s like ‘Did you write this ahead of time?’ Because it’s like the universe aligning just for you to get us.”

The pair, whose recent single ‘Closer’ reached No 1, said that their spat with Gaga was ultimately good-natured and they hoped they’d be on good terms if they met at a festival.

Pall said: “She’s super-talented. I’m not a huge listener of her stuff, but what she’s done is incredible. I’d be ‘I’m really sorry, you won that round, can we go for a drink?'”


But the musician stated he hopes to still be able to speak his mind in future. He said: “It’s important to have your opinions and be honest. It’s a reason why I love Kanye so much. I don’t agree with everything he says, but to be able to stand by your art and things you believe in, no matter what people think, that’s an admirable quality a lot of artists don’t have.”

The Chainsmokers play at London’s Roundhouse on February 19, 24 and 25.