Is Chance The Rapper teasing a Sesame Street appearance with this video?

He's been hanging out with Oscar the Grouch...

Chance The Rapper has posted a video online teasing a possible appearance on Sesame Street.

The musician took to Twitter to publish a short video of himself on-set talking to Oscar the Grouch, a dustbin inhabiting character on the show.

Leaning on a wall, Chance turns to the creature with a sincere expression.


“Honestly, I’m just tired of people saying my music is trash,” he says, clearly exasperated.

The video sadly cuts out before Oscar has a chance to respond, though his eyes do widen in shock at the statement. Watch below:

Chance has shown his love for the puppet show on several occasions. Back in September, he enlisted the help of Sesame Street‘s Elmo to perform a dance routine at his daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

Last week, Chance went on WGN-TV to try his hand at being a weather presenter, and wear an invisibility cloak.

“Every snowflake is different. They all have different DNA, like people, each one is individual,” he informed the studio.



Chance also recently played host on SNL, where he performed an R&B number calling for Barack Obama’s return to the presidency.

He sang: “Every night I turn the TV on and cry/So come back Barack, we didn’t know just what we had.”