Charles Bradley cancels tour dates after cancer returns

"When I come back, I'll come back strong"

Legendary soul singer Charles Bradley has cancelled all of his upcoming dates on his world tour in order to recover from the cancer that’s spread from his stomach to his liver.

The singer announced a post-cancer tour after he recovered from the stomach cancer last May. At the time, Bradley said that his fans “truly lifted me up and kept me going. I am honoured and glad to be back and am going to give you all of my love.”

However, in a new Facebook post, Bradley has announced that he will no longer be able to perform the rest of the tour from now until the end of the year. The cancer has spread through to Bradley’s liver though fortunately has not returned to his stomach.

Charles Bradley will need to take time off in order to “focus on treatment and recovery”. The soul singer released a statement, saying; “I love all of you out there that made my dreams come true. When I come back, I’ll come back strong, with God’s love. With God’s will, I’ll be back soon.”

Read the full statement and see the full list of cancelled tour dates below.

Bradley was diagnosed with stomach cancer in October last year after doctors found a tumour. The singer released his third studio album ‘Changes’, named after a Black Sabbath track, last year.