Charli XCX calls out sexism in the music industry: “If I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god”

"Women in this industry are constantly questioned on their validity."

Charli XCX has called out sexism in the music industry in a series of tweets.

The musician said that despite her many achievements as both a singer, songwriter and business woman, she still feels that she isn’t taken seriously by the industry.

Charli tweeted: “i am an artist, a songwriter who’s co written multiple ‘hits’ for myself/other artists, a video director, exec producer of a netflix show, a&r, i run a label, co manage 2 artists…if I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god but as a woman I’m just – doubted.”


She continued: “i don’t need people to feel sorry for me or anything – i’m just saying it how it is. women in this industry are constantly questioned on their validity…’did she REALLY write that?’ ‘can she REALLY produce?’ ‘does she REALLY know what she’s doing?’ i see it all the time.”

“[Any] and all female popstars in 2019 are obviously business women: running their own careers, making their own decisions, directing their own teams, proving points, being groundbreaking and making their own art. like, this is SO OBVIOUS. don’t insult us.”

Her tweets were met by praise by many in the industry including Christine and the Queens who responded by sharing Charli XCX’s comments and a further tweet which simply read ‘AMEN.’

You can see the tweets below:



Earlier this month (November 1), Charli XCX was joined on stage by Christine and the Queens during her gig at Brixton Academy. 

The pair first debuted their surprise collaboration, ‘Gone’, live at Primavera Festival earlier this year. More recently, the pair joined forces again in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge to perform a special cover of The 1975’s ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’.

Reviewing her recent album, ‘Charli’, NME said: “Christine and the Queens duet ‘Gone’ is a shimmering cut, with the pair trading vocals over glittering synths and a booming bassline, combining Christine’s warm funk tendencies with Charli’s icy vocals.

“…In the past it felt as though Charli was pushed in certain directions to enhance her clout in the pop game. ‘Charli’, though, sees her at her most comfortable and genuine; everything feels authentically her. Bold, brash and brilliant, this is Charli XCX at her most genuine, and it’s dazzling.”

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