Charli XCX says her new album is finished and teases its upcoming release date

It looks like the album could drop very soon.

Charli XCX has revealed that her new album is now finished and has teased its upcoming release date in a new tweet.

The musician also appears to have shared some artwork for the album just days after revealing a new collaboration with BTS – ‘Dream Glow’.

Speaking about her new album, Charli said fans can expect a “massive announcement” whilst also hinting that the new project could drop soon. The ‘Boys’ artist has been teasing her third full-length LP for some time after the release of two-mixtapes.


Her post read: “THINKIN BOUT THE FACT THAT I’M GONNA MAKE A MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT THIS MONTH *cough cough* it’s about my ALBUM (which i’ve finished). r u ready?”

Her collaboration with BTS also follows on from another new collaboration the singer unveiled with Troye Sivan at the Go West Fest festival in LA on June 6.

During Charli’s set, Sivan came out to debut on a new collaboration called ‘2099’ which is seemingly a sequel to their single ‘1999’ which was released last year. You can hear the song below.

Other collaborations the singer has released recently include ones with Lizzo and Christine and the Queens.


Speaking to NME about what fans can expect from her upcoming album, Charli said: “I didn’t go small on this, I really went all in,” Charli XCX revealed backstage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

“Maybe too in, so I really wanna prep people. Since the mixtapes [2017’s ‘Number 1 Angel’ and ‘Pop 2′], I’ve really wanted to push my sound and push pop as far as it can go. I feel really proud of the music that I’ve made, so I really want the songs to have as much of a moment individually as possible.”

She continued: “There are definitely lots of more experimental moments. I’ve been working with some really great producers from A. G. Cook to Nömak, who is really incredible at sound design.

“There are a lot of harder moments on the record compared to really stripped-back things.”

Asked about the reason for returning to a conventional album format for this project, Charli XCX replied: “I think essentially for me, if you look at it on paper, they kind of are albums but they’re called mixtapes just so I could put them out faster.”