Charlie Brooker claims viewers ‘overlook’ the dark humour in Black Mirror

The show’s creator spoke out about his hit Netflix series at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards

Charlie Brooker has spoken out about his bleak sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror and claimed that he believes viewers miss the ‘dark humour’ the show offers.

Speaking at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, Brooker told Press Assocation, “I think it’s often easy for people to overlook the dark humour that is in Black Mirror.

The creator, who has a background in comedy, added that the ideas that end up getting made into shows are the ones that made him laugh.


He continued, “But then we play it really straight. Having said that, I’m proud to be a morose individual.”

Brooker’s latest output, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, was released in December and allowed viewers to choose their own ending.

Brooker explained that he learned to code for the special episode, adding, “It was like trying to solve a puzzle. It wasn’t a normal writing experience. I literally had to learn to code to write the story treatment.

“It was a very different process. We knew it was experimental. I was very keen that we try out things in the episode that maybe weren’t even apparent to viewers.”

But overall, the writer said he was pleased that people enjoyed the latest Black Mirror film. He has previously discussed his favourite scenes in the film.


The adventure allowed viewers control the life of games developer Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) as they’re provided with a series of choices about where they wish to take his journey throughout the film.

Recently, Netflix revealed the most popular ending choices in the choose-your-own-adventure , with the outlook perhaps not being as sinister as expected.

However, despite the film’s popularity, Brooker has claimed there won’t be any more interactive episodes in the franchise. But there is a series five in the works, with confirmation that it will be out in 2019.

Meanwhile, in a recent chat with NME, Brooker spoke about writing a book about Black Mirror and also revealed his love for Bristol band Idles.