Charlie Brooker turned down the chance to write a Doctor Who episode

The 'Black Mirror' creator was approached by the Doctor Who team

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has revealed that he was approached by the BBC to write an episode for Doctor Who.

The new series of Doctor Who is set to be screened on BBC1 in April 2017, according to Peter Capaldi. The new series will be the tenth of Doctor Who since it returned in 2005, and the third to star Capaldi as the Doctor.

In an interview with The Independent, Brooker says that he didn’t have the time to contribute to the new series. “I was approached for Doctor Who and I just didn’t have time. It was really annoying. I was really busy and they haven’t asked me again since. It was a bit like the Home Office asking you to do something,” he said.


Asked how easy it was to get a TV show made these days, he also joked that since there’s now platforms like Amazon, “Tesco will probably be making f**king TV shows soon”.

As for what’s next for Brooker after Black Mirror season four, which he’s currently writing, he’s keen to do more “goofy comedy stuff” like A Touch of Cloth. He also spoke of potentially writing seasonal specials of Black Mirror like ‘White Christmas’.

“I wouldn’t mind doing a Halloween one. I’ve been thinking about that. One of the reasons we shot ‘Playtest’ up in the running order is because we knew Halloween was coming and we thought it was perfect for that,” he explained.

Black Mirror season three was released on Friday (October 21) and is currently streaming on Netflix.