Charlie Sheen booed offstage at opening night of one-man show

'Violent Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option' is unpopular with fans and critics

The opening night of Charlie Sheen‘s one-man show bombed with fans and critics last night (April 2).

The controversial actor was booed offstage during his ‘Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option’ show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, with fans walking out within 15 minutes, according to Sky News.

He walked onstage to rapturous applause at the start of the show but quickly drew boos from the crowd after making a lengthy speech about his recent well-documented problems.

Sheen referenced his sacking from sitcom Two And A Half Men and also ranted about problems in his personal life.

He described the show as “an experiment”, argued with hecklers and showed film clips from his career.

Sheen later went offstage, telling the crowd he was taking a break, but failed to return, leaving fans chanting “refund” as they left the theatre.

The show has already been panned by US critics, with EntertainmentWeekly calling it an “unmitigated disaster.”

The one-man tour is scheduled to continue tonight (3) in Chicago.