Charlie Sheen gets a million Twitter followers in one day

Troubled actor thought to have set new record

Charlie Sheen has reportedly set a new Twitter record, reaching a million followers in 24 hours.

The public fascination with the actor’s ongoing personal dramas has seen his followers on the micro-blogging site swell since he joined up on Tuesday (March 1).

He can be found at His feed currently sits at 1,186,715 followers.

The actor took to the site to thank supporters for the surge in interest in his life. Last night he posted: “In all sincerity… Thank you Twitter community for the warm reception & the followers that helped get me to 1M in 24 hours!!! #teamsheen.”

Earlier in the day he tweeted: “Pardon my absence…. My first concern is my kids… Back soon..!”

However, it may never be known whether Sheen has indeed set any kind of record. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Twitter Inc spokeswoman Carolyn Penner has claimed that the site does not track such statistics.