Charlie Sheen has ‘Apocalypse Now’ channel

Troubled actor has been watching his father's movie on repeat

Charlie Sheen has revealed that he has a channel at home dedicated solely to Apocalypse Now.

Talking on the debut airing of his new Sheen’s Korner webcast, the controversial actor revealed that he has TV channel that shows the Vietnam classic on continual loop.

The 1979 film stars his father Martin Sheen.

“I have what I call the Apocalypse Now channel,” he said. “People might think it’s a DVD… [it’s] not! It’s just streaming Apocalypse Now all day long. Where does DirecTV stop? Because my DirecTV has one extra channel: the Apocalypse Now channel. Jealous face!”

Sheen, who is currently battling dramatic personal issues in public, also revealed that he is planning to write a book entitled Apocalypse Me, reports