Charlie Sheen joins Twitter

Disgraced star has notched up 600,000 followers in a single day

Charlie Sheen has racked up over 600,000 followers within hours of joining Twitter.

The hellraising actor has been on the defensive in recent weeks, appearing on chatshows such as Piers Morgan Tonight and Good Morning America in the wake of his recent personal problems.

Now Sheen has become the latest star to take to the microblogging site. His account at has been verified.

Sheen has been picking up an average of 2,000 followers per minute according to He has notched up over 600,000 followers in 24 hours.

However the actor, who was recently suspended from Two And A Half Men after making comments about the show’s creator Chuck Lorre during a radio interview, is only following 16 people, notable names including P Diddy, Piers Morgan and Fred Durst.