Charlize Theron turned down the chance to star in ‘Wonder Woman’

The 'Mad Max' star says a busy work schedule got in the way.

Charlize Theron has revealed that she was asked to star in recent DC Comics movie, Wonder Woman.

The film, which stars Gal Gadot, went on to become the biggest global live-action film ever released by a female director, after it grossed an eye-watering $653.9 million (£514 million) worldwide.

Theron, who starred as the mighty Imperator Furiosa in the 2015 Mad Max reboot, claims that a busy work schedule meant that she was never available for the Wonder Woman movie.


Speaking to Metro, Theron said that ‘[Patty] She did come to me, and at the time I was either working on something or I don’t know. There was a reason I couldn’t do it.’ She didn’t state which character she was approached to play.

Theron stars in and produced her new movie, Atomic Blonde, in which she says she is trying to break the rules for women in action movies. “A lot of times studios or producers are not comfortable with seeing a woman with bruises,” she said. “We really wanted to pay attention to that authenticity.”

The actor also discussed the difficulties women face in filmmaking, saying there have been moments where “women really showcase themselves and kind of break glass ceilings”, but ultimately their success is not sustained.

“I am ashamed that I’m part of an industry that has never allowed a woman to work with a budget higher than what the budget has been on Wonder Woman,” she said. “That’s so fucking caveman-like. I am always hoping that this is the movie that’s going to change it and keep it for us.”

Wonder Woman debuted in cinemas on June 1 – and received a string of glowing reviews.


Director Patty Jenkins also recently shared a touching note of testimonies from a kindergarten class that shine a light on how the new film has inspired young children, particularly girls.

The list included one girl who came to school “with a printed list of every single female superhero and her powers to avoid any trouble when deciding roles during recess”.

Responding to the note, Jenkins wrote: “ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! This makes every hard day worth it. Thank you to whomever wrote it!!”

Gal Gadot, meanwhile, is set to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the first big screen outing of the Justice League – which is set for release in November this year.