‘The Chase’ contestant’s wish to meet David Bowie leaves viewers confused

Watchers at home weren't sure how to break the news to him.

A contestant on The Chase sparked confusion on social media after revealing his wish to meet the late David Bowie.

On last night’s episode of the ITV quiz show, a guest named Sean told presenter Bradley Walsh during his introduction that one of his hobbies is collecting photographs of himself with celebrities.

Walsh asked Sean if there are any stars that he would like to meet, to which he responded: “I would love to meet either David Bowie or Mick Jagger.”


Seemingly unaware that the legendary musician passed away in January, Walsh replied: “Yeah, right up the top end, very good. Good for you mate, I like it.”


Viewers were perplexed by the pair’s obliviousness. “Got some news for you,” one person commented on Twitter.

“He’ll have a tough job of having a photo with David Bowie #TheChase,” wrote another.

“Sorry Sean don’t think you’ll be meeting David Bowie anytime soon,” another Twitter user added.


As some fans of the show pointed out, it’s likely that the episode was filmed last year.

“David Bowie….How old is this The Chase episode? Oh dear #TheChase,” wrote one person.

“Guy on #TheChase wants to meet David Bowie! Bradley doesn’t bat an eye, when was this recorded?,” said another.

The Chase airs during weekdays on ITV.