Check out this nostalgic fan-made trailer for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

"Complete your VHS collection now"

A fan-made trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going down a storm with VHS-loving fans. Check out the visuals below.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, YouTube user Damian Kazan has racked up more than 240,000 views with his retro take on the standalone Star Wars movie.

The fuzzy, pixelated clip is presented in old-school 4:3 screen ratio – complete with cheesy voiceover. The faux advert ends with a mock-up of the Rogue One videotape.


One user commented: “Wow, it’s unreal how authentic it looks. Seems like you took it back to the 70s and made a trailer for it…”, while another fan said: “Great idea. Great execution. Perfect.”

Meanwhile, fans are still awaiting the Blu-ray of The Last Jedi. It’s set for release in the UK on April 9 and features some unseen footage.

Those who were disappointed to see Phasma being killed off have been placated somewhat by the emergence of a new deleted scene, which will be included.

The Blu-ray will also offer fans an insight into one particularly humorous detail about the filming of the movie, with the additional footage revealing that Carrie Fisher slapped Oscar Isaac in the face 24 times while filming one scene.


Meanwhile, it was reported last year that Rogue One creator John Knoll is working on a pitch for another spin-off move.