A cheetah attacked Cardi B on the set of her ‘Bodak Yellow’ video


Cardi B was attacked by a cheetah on the set of her video for the chart-topping 2017 single ‘Bodak Yellow’, its director has revealed in a new interview with Genius.

“It was my idea, I wrote it into the treatment,” says Picture Perfect of the inclusion of the cheetah. Because of logistical reasons the video ended up being shot in Dubai: “I just didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get a cheetah out there,” the director says. “We got this cheetah from a sultan.”

In the video Cardi sits next to a cheetah tied up to a pillar, and pets his head, but Picture Perfect has revealed that another scene was filmed before the cheetah had been fed, where Cardi B was holding it on a leash. At this point the animal rose up and snapped at her – as can be seen in the below video at 1:45. “Ok no no no,” Cardi says in the clip, when the cheetah becomes violent. “Come hold him.”


“That was kind of crazy,” the director added. “We got [Cardi’s] spirits back up and then we shot this cheetah scene… This cheetah right here [tied up to a pillar] has eaten about six pounds of deer meat and he’s just calm.” Picture Perfect describes Cardi B as “a trooper,” adding “If it’s for her video and her shot, she’s gonna do it”.

See the video for ‘Bodak Yellow’ below:

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