Chef resigns after bragging online about “spiking” a vegan

Laura Goodman, who co-owns the Carlini restaurants in Shropshire, has reportedly received death threats following her comments

A Shropshire chef has resigned after she faced an online backlash, following her claims on a Facebook group that she’d “spiked” a vegan customer.

Laura Goodman, who co-owns the Carlini restaurants in Shifnal and Albrighton in Shropshire, left a number of disparaging comments on the Facebook group The Boring Group on December 30 about serving a vegan in her restaurant.

“Pious, judgemental vegan (who I spent all day cooking for) has gone to bed, still believing she’s a vegan,” one comment read, while another saw Goodman write: “Spiked a vegan a few hours ago.”


A subsequent statement has confirmed that Goodman has resigned. “Laura Goodman has today tendered her resignation from Carlini and the board of directors are currently considering their options,” it reads. “Whilst this process is being completed, Laura will not be working at either of the restaurants, which will reopen later this week. As part of a pre-planned recruitment drive, Carlini is also recruiting for an additional head chef to work across both its restaurants in Shropshire.”

Goodman’s posts were met with a negative response on the group, with The Huffington Post reporting that one member replied to one of Goodman’s comments by writing: “Congratulations on ruining your businesses. You’re incredibly lucky you haven’t killed anybody with an allergy due to your stupidity.”

The restaurant has also received dozens of one-star and negative reviews on TripAdvisor since Goodman made the comments. Shropshire Council’s regulatory services department are currently investigating the complaints.

Speaking to The Sun, Goodman apologised for her comments. “I’m deeply sorry for my comments, no meat products were added.”


Her partner and Carlini co-owner Michael Gale also offered an apology, and revealed that Goodman had received death threats – which have been reported to police.

“We appreciate the outrage Laura’s ill-judged comment on social media has caused and would like to apologise for what it insinuated,” Gale told the Express and Star.

“She had spent a lot of time designing a special vegan menu for a party, who then decided to choose something from the existing menu – one meal of which was a cheese-based pizza, which isn’t vegan friendly. This is what she meant by the Facebook comment. In no way does this excuse the comment and we totally understand the anger it has subsequently caused.

“However, we want to assure everyone that the meals were all prepared to our usual high standards and in accordance with the Food Standards Agency. No meat was used in any of the dishes.”