The Chicken Connoisseur has been given a book deal

He'll reveal the 50 best chicken shops in the country in the book

The Chicken Connoisseur has been given a book deal.

The 23-year-old Elijah Quashie, who hosts viral YouTube show The Pengest Munch, has reportedly signed a contract with Blink Publishing.

Quashie first began the show in September 2015 and has scored 26 million views over the course of 16 episodes.


According to Kings Road Publishing, he will release In Search Of The Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishments on October 5. Fans can vote on which shops outside Quashie’s native London will be included in the final listing.

“What’s good people?!” the website reads. “Obviously man ain’t really left London to check for a decent munch so I set up this ting for you man to vote for the ones you rate the most.”

Earlier this year, Quashie visited young Jay-Z’s favourite chicken shop in an episode of The Pengest Munch.

In the ‘New York Spesh’ episode, Chicken Connoisseur, AKA Elijah Quashie, drives around the Big Apple with A$AP mob member A$AP Bari, on a tour of the best greasy food outlets.

The tour takes them from Texas in Harlem (a highly rated 4.2), to Kennedy Chicken in The Bronx (a lowly 2) before finishing up at Crown Fried Chicken in Brooklyn (2.4). Watch the episode above.