Children see ‘Saw 3D’ at ‘Megamind’ screening after cinema mix-up

Theatre in Massachusetts meant to show cartoon

Families who took their children to see cartoon film Megamind in a Massachusetts cinema earlier this week (beginning November 15) are angry after Saw 3D was shown by mistake.

A Massachusetts branch of movie chain Showcase Cinemas accidentally showed the film to a group of seven-year-old children celebrating a birthday, reports NBC News.

The children were told to cover their eyes as cinema bosses tried to correct their mistake, but it took several minutes to rectify the problem. The children would have seen images of a man with his foot cut off, as well as a woman being killed by a buzz saw.

Dolph Rau, a father of one of the children, said: “My child came and slept with us and we thought we had gotten past that years ago. He said that he had a few nightmares. All that I would like to see come out of this is that it’s not going to happen again.”


A similar mistake was made in 2007, when children were shown The Hills Have Eyes 2 instead of The Last Mimzy in a US cinema. The opening scene of The Hills… features a chained naked woman giving birth to a deformed baby.

In both instances free tickets were handed out by employees as compensation.