Christina Hendricks reflects on sexist ‘Mad Men’ questions

"Everyone just wanted to ask me about my bra again"

Christina Hendricks has reflected on the sexist questions she was asked during her award-winning stint on Mad Men.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Hendricks says despite the critical success of the show and her performance, interviewers at the time continued to ask her sexist questions.

Hendricks said: “There certainly was a time when we were very critically acclaimed, and getting a lot of attention for our very good work and our very hard work, and everyone just wanted to ask me about my bra again.


“There are only two sentences to say about a bra.”

Mad Men
A scene from ‘Mad Men’ – Credit: Alamy

Hendricks went on to discuss sexism in the industry in more detail, saying that she had been in situations where people had “tried to take advantage” of her.

Hendricks added: “Boy, do you think anyone in the entertainment industry comes out unscathed and not objectified? I don’t know one musician or one model or one actor who has escaped that. I have had moments – not on Mad Men; on other things – where people have tried to take advantage of me, use my body in a way I wasn’t comfortable with, persuade me or coerce me or professionally shame me: ‘If you took your work seriously, you would do this …’

“Maybe it was my modelling background, but I knew to immediately get on the phone and go: ‘Uh oh, trouble’. That’s where it’s very much a job. We need to talk to the producers and handle this professionally.”


Last year, actor Elisabeth Moss who played Peggy Olson in Mad Men hinted that a reunion could be on the way.

“I don’t know. Maybe we have had some discussions about this. I don’t think I am in a position to officially share anything,” she told Entertainment Tonight last summer.

“But, yes, we are aware that people are doing reunions and we’ve never done one, which is so crazy. We really all haven’t been together in five years. So I’ll just leave you with that.”

Mad Men ran for seven seasons between 2007 and 2015. Back in 2018, the cast of the hit show reunited then at an Oscars afterparty