Christine and the Queens star shares more details about new album

In a new interview, the singer also spoke about her identity and wanting to be called 'Chris'

Christine and the Queens star Héloïse Letissier has opened up about her latest album, ‘Chris’ in a new interview with The Times.

The singer also spoke of her preference at being referred to as ‘Chris’ now, telling The Times that she “enjoy[ed] this confusion” when asked how people should now address her.

“Héloïse? Christine? Chris? Maybe I will be called C at some point. Well, Chris is just the shorter version of Christine, so most of my friends have called me Chris for a while. It’s way more efficient.”


The star revealed that only her parents still call her Héloïse.

“Is it weird to say that makes me feel bad? When you choose everything, including a name, and people go back to calling you Héloïse? Well, you realise, ‘Oh. There are things I can’t change, huh?’”

The star released her debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ in 2016; it ranked third in NME‘s Albums Of The Year list that year. 

The star said identity is a key theme of her new album, revealing that she was “fascinated” by Michael Jackson and Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady’ alias, describing it as “a great concept to be a force of chaos!”

“I’m fascinated by the tragic life of Michael…The will to alter his identity, to become something that wasn’t even human. Not black or white, male or female. He disappeared into his work.”

The star said she initially “invented” the concept of Christine as a coping mechanism.


“I invented ‘Christine’ as a survival technique to deal with many things. I felt it would save me. Then people started to listen to the album, so I thought, ‘Am I going to be healed?’ But it doesn’t work like that. I am more armed, but still have the same sadness.”

“When I started to write music, I desperately wanted to relate to people,” she continues. “But when I became famous, I could relate less. I thought, ‘Oh, am I trapped in my own creation?’ I was really lonely.”

Bullying was described as another key theme on the new album, with the star revealing that one song from the album, ‘What’s-Her-Face’, is a song about her experience of being bullied, an experience she still hasn’t fully recovered from.

“Sometimes, in my adult life, I have memories of when I was young and really scared of being too close to people. That is why there is the lyric ‘That is why tonight I won’t come’. I’m gaining confidence, and I am overcoming it, but there’s still that memory.”

She added: “There’s lots of conflict, but it’s an album about empowerment.”

‘Chris’ will be released on 21 September 2018; the English-Language track listing for the album is:

‘Comme Si’
‘Girlfriend’ (feat. Dâm-Funk)
‘The Walker’
‘Doesn’t Matter’
‘5 Dollars’
‘Goya Soda’
‘Damn (What Must A Woman Do)’
‘Feel So Good’
‘Make Some Sense’
‘The Stranger’

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