Christopher Nolan to shoot Howard Hughes biopic

Director plans to start work post 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Christopher Nolan is planning to start up work again on a Howard Hughes biopic.

The project has been a long-standing interest for the Inception director. Before 2005’s Batman Begins came out he started work on the project about the famous aviator, based on Michael Drosnin‘s non-fiction book Citizen Hughes: The Power, The Money And The Madness.

According to, Jim Carrey was linked to lead role back then. Production was suspended when Martin Scorsese decided to make his own Hughes biopic, The Aviator, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nolan reportedly wants the movie ready for release in 2014, at which point he believes enough time will have passed since Scorsese‘s 2004 film. He plans for his film to focus on Hughes‘ later OCD-blighted years more than the earlier film.

Nolan plans to start work on the project once The Dark Knight Rises, which he is directing, is completed. The Batman film is due to star shooting imminently, with a release date set for July 20 next year.