‘Christopher Robin’ won’t be released in China as Winnie the Pooh ban continues

Ewan McGregor at the Christopher Robin premiere - Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

The film has been banned by Chinese authorities

Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’ has been denied a release in China by film authorities.

The country is still blocking images of Winnie the Pooh after the popular character was blacklisted by authorities there last year.

An online crackdown last year saw officials deleting social media comments that reference “Little Bear Winnie”, the Chinese name for the iconic Disney character, with users instead receiving the message “This content is illegal.”

As NME reported last year, an official explanation is yet to be given for the unexpected crackdown, but it comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping was previously compared to the honey-loving bear.

In June, Chinese authorities blocked HBO after Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver criticised the country.

The PG rated film, which stars Ewan McGregor, brings A. A. Milne’s beloved character to life as he helps to bring back the imagination of his now adult friend, Christopher Robin.

Disney have not yet released a statement about the incident. Film authorities in China never give reasons as to why a film is censored or not accepted.

After it’s release in North America last Friday (August 3), the film is expected to gross $28 million during it’s opening weekend.