Chvrches talk touring and tease new projects at Open’er Festival 2018

Speaking backstage at Open'er Festival 2018...

Chvrches have opened up on the experience of taking their latest album on the road – as well as teasing details of a secret new project that they’re currently working on.

Speaking to NME backstage at Open’er Festival 2018, Martin Doherty said: “It’s been going down exceptionally well. It’s very encouraging. It’s not lost on us. We’re three albums in and a lot of people that we started out with have fallen by the wayside.

“But for whatever reason people have let us stick around and we’ve never been bigger. It feels really, really good.


“It’s a privilege and we’re still aware of that.”

And while their third album ‘Love Is Dead’ was only released in May, the group also opened up on the details of a secret project that they have teased on Twitter.

Despite rife speculation from fans, they confirmed that it’s not the soundtrack to Death Stranding, the upcoming video game from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima.

“It’s not Death Stranding but I really wish it was”, Doherty said.

“In fact, Hideo Kojima call me. We’re massive Metal Gear Solid fans and the guy’s a god. He’s an icon in the video games industry”.


Describing the project, singer Lauren Mayberry said: “We weren’t going to tell anyone what we were doing, but one of our crew guys posted about it on the internet – like where he was and what we were up to.

Chvrches perform at Open’er Festival 2018

“It will become clear in the coming weeks and months.”

With their performance coming on the first day of Open’er Festival 2018, the group also imparted some worldly wisdom on the best way to survive a gruelling four-day festival.

“Sleep whenever you can!”, Iain Cook advised.

“Make sure you eat and stay hydrated. As a band it’s important to have good energy levels when you go out on stage and not be half dead!”