Clint Eastwood ‘not a fan’ of Barack Obama

Actor says US President is doing 'just enough' to stay in his job

Clint Eastwood has spoken out against US President Barack Obama, saying he’s “not a fan” of him and accusing the leader of doing just enough to stay in the job.

Eastwood told US interviewer Katie Couric on CBS News that he thinks Obama is a “nice fella” but he’s “not a fan of what he’s doing at the moment”.

The actor, who was once Mayor of Carmel in California, also claimed that the President was not “governing” and doing just enough in the hope “he can stay in his position”.

The Dirty Harry star voted for Republican candidate John McCain at the last US election, but he did vote for the Democrats during the recent California governor election.

The US leader has recently come under fire from a number of Hollywood stars.

Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer doesn’t support Obama, and has recently launched conservative-leaning television network RightNetwork. Jon Voight has spoken out against the President in the past. Ron Howard‘s brother Clint and Airplane director David Zucker have also appeared in anti-Obama online commercials.