Young Club Penguin users stage anti-Trump protest in game

The Disney-made online game, which is designed for children, has seen messages like "Not my President" crop up since Sunday (November 13)

The online children’s game Club Penguin has become inundated with protests against the US President-elect Donald Trump.

The Disney-produced game, described as the “#1 Virtual World For Kids’, is an online multiplayer that, as of 2013, has over 2oo million registered accounts. Players can create their own characters, interact with other users, and play mini-games in the penguin-populated universe.

As NPR reports, a number of Club Penguin members began to stage anti-Trump protests within the game on Sunday (November 13). Posting such messages as “not my president,” “no wall,” “I’m with her,” and “penguins of color matter,” the protests appear to have carried on this week, with some users taking to Twitter to display screenshots of the game.

It is unclear who the protest was started by, but Club Penguin is intended for users between the ages of 6-14 years old – though there are no age restrictions for who can sign up.

Elsewhere in the ongoing reaction to Trump’s successful bid for the White House, The Rolling Stones responded earlier this week to the President-elect using their song ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ after he made his victory speech on election night (November 8).

Frontman Mick Jagger had taken to Twitter to register his response the day after the results were announced, joking that Trump should invite him to perform the song at his Presidential inauguration on January 20. But he appeared to give a more serious take on the news during a new interview with the Associated Press.