Coral fanged: Brody Dalle’s most badass quotes

“Metaphorically speaking, I have a really big dick.”

So, after speculation that noughties punk legends The Distillers are to reform, we’ve had confirmation that it’s really – really! – happening. If you weren’t annoying your parents by playing the band’s third, final, brilliant album Coral Fang loud and on repeat, you weren’t doing adolescence right in 2003. The band split up three years after its release, with singer and songwriter Brody Dalle going to form the poppier group Spinerette, before she released her acclaimed solo album Diploid Love in 2014.


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Rumblings of The Distillers’ return first emerged when Dalle shared an Instagram post that teased new material, with the caption ‘THE DISTILLERS 2018’, and changed her Facebook cover photo to the band’s logo. Now, it’s been confirmed that The Distillers will appear at the Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta, Georgia, this summer. Jack White, The National and Queens of the Stone Age – the latter fronted by Dalle’s husband Josh Homme – will also perform at the festival.

Dalle has long been an inspiration to a generation of music fans – plus a new generation, actually, given that she and Homme performed ‘Surrender’ by Cheap Trick at a primary school graduation last year – and she sure knows her way around a killer quote. Whether she’s smashing the patriarchy or recounting tales from the misspent youth, she’ll make you want to pick up a guitar and become a rock star. Here, then, are 10 of Brody Dalle’s most badass quotes.