Corbyn is one of the most popular baby names of 2017

Over 50 percent of parents would name their child after the Labour leader, according to new study

A new study has found that Corbyn is one of the year’s hottest baby names, with more than half of parents surveyed saying that they would consider naming their child after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The study, conducted by the website, surveyed 1,305 parents across the UK and found that over 50 percent would consider naming their child Corbyn and that 15 percent would consider Jeremy as an alternate option.

Other politicians covered in the survey includes Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, with only 4 percent saying they would name their child Theresa and 5 per cent saying they call name their baby either Boris or Donald.

“Corbyn is the stand-out naming trend this year and a strong name encompassing both the surname as first name and political name trend,” said Siobhan Freegard, founder of

“We expect to see lots of babies conceived at Glastonbury or over the election period named after the Labour leader. But remember a week is a long time in politics and your child will have to have that name for a lifetime, so make sure you are sure before naming them after any politician.”

Meanwhile, Corbyn received what many have called a “rockstar welcome” when he arrived at Worthy Farm on Saturday, before making a number of appearances across the site – including a powerful speech on the Pyramid Stage to one of the biggest crowds that Glastonbury has ever seen.

Glastonbury boss Emily Eavis has since explained why Corbyn was invited to the festival.

“It’s felt like such a long time since you would put a political leader in that place, but it was the right time,” she said. “There are things we’ve been campaigning about here for such a long time. And the history that the festival has with politics and CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament]. It really felt like the right time. It was quite an overwhelming moment, actually. A lot of people were very moved by it. It was something totally special and a complete one-off.”