Courtney Love: Pattinson would be ‘stupid’ choice for Cobain

Hole singer prefers James McAvoy for biopic

Courtney Love has said Twilight star Robert Pattinson would be a “stupid” choice to play Kurt Cobain in a possible biopic.

It was claimed last week that the Twilight actor was the leading candidate to play the Nirvana frontman, and had the blessing of Love. Scarlett Johansson was also said to be lined up to play her.

“Isn’t that so stupid, who would cast him?” the Hole frontwoman told the Canadian Associated Press. “That’s just wrong, no offence.”

“I watched the Twilight stuff very very recently and I get it, it resonates with the teenaged girl in me, I understand epic love of that nature. I write about it all the time. But isn’t that silly?”


Love said she would prefer Scottish actor James McAvoy as Cobain.

Love wants casting approval for the film, currently only in its embryonic production stages, yet added she would not watch the final movie, as it would be too difficult for her to sit through.