Cult Of Chucky – Jennifer Tilly and more on Chucky’s sex appeal and whether a Chucky v Annabel fight will happen

Stars Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif and director Don Mancini talk about the return of the beloved plastic murderer

Jennifer Tilly has a Tiffany doll that she watches The Bachelor with. Fiona Dourif thinks Chucky is “cute”. Don Mancini does not want to direct Fidget Spinner: The Movie. These are just a few of the things NME learned when meeting the cast and director of Cult Of Chucky, the latest instalment in the long-running horror series that began with 1988’s Child’s Play, took a comedy turn ten years later with Bride Of Chucky and returned to straight terror with 2013’s well-received Curse Of Chucky.

In Cult Of Chucky, survivors of previous Chucky encounters meet to take on the murderous doll, who’s back to his old tricks once again, stalking the inhabitants of a psychiatric hospital. Following her cameo in the last, Jennifer Tilly returns to her role as Tiffany, albeit in a meta way – she plays the actor Jennifer Tilly who’s been possessed by the spirit of Tiffany. Confused? So’s she, a bit, as she tells us. But does Tilly ever psych out poker opponents in character? Did acting in Child’s Play mess up the young stars? And what’s it like for Fiona to be the real-life daughter of the voice of Chucky? Find out in the videos above and below.

Cult of Chucky is out on DVD and Blu-ray Monday October 23