Currys launches lottery system for PS5 purchases in effort to deter scalpers

You get one chance

Currys has introduced a new system to deter scalpers looking to buy a PS5.

Prospective customers at the UK electronics retailer, who are looking to score a PS5 will need to sign up for Currys’ Priority Pass, which will enter them into a draw. The randomised selection process will notify successful applicants by email, giving them 72 hours to purchase a console before the offer moves to the next person.

Online retailers have been the primary source for PS5 consoles given the coronavirus lockdown measures across most of the UK, but with shops potentially reopening in April, new stock is expected to become available.


Currys have also clarified that they will only be offering in-store pick-up, in order to further deter scalpers buying in bulk.

The limited stock and timed releases of the PS5 has led to issues with scalpers since it first came out at the end of 2020. These issues were compounded by complaints from potential customers, the revelation that PS5 consoles were being sold at a loss, and even an executive order from President Biden to investigate component shortages.

In one case, scalpers appeared to purchase over 2000 PS5 consoles from online retailer GAME. In another, consoles from Argos were purchased before they were registered for sale. An organised scalping group claims to have been able to access unlisted URLs on the Argos website, allowing them to checkout before the items officially went on sale.

Investors in Sony have also recently been informed that the PS5 has so far made a loss on sales in a quarterly report. The report detailed the 4.5million consoles sold, and how placing them at a lower cost than manufacture, a “strategic price point”, has resulted in losses.