Did you know ‘Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley was once in a Wiley music video?

The 'Star Wars' actress starred in the grime star's video for 'Lights On'

The internet has unearthed an unexpected early role for Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley, in an old Wiley music video.

Despite being a relative unknown when she appeared in the huge sci-fi franchise, GRM Daily discovered an early role of Ridley’s a few days ago, in the grime star’s music video for ‘Lights On’.

Ridley plays the girlfriend of an aspiring DJ in the video, which follows her around a British estate as she purchases alcohol with a fake ID, clad in Reebok Classics and visiting pirate radio stations – a far cry from her role as the fearless, spacebound Rey.

Check out Daisy Ridley’s starring role in Wiley’s ‘Lights On’ video below.

Wiley – ‘Lights On’ from Greek Street Studios on Vimeo.

Daisy Ridley recently vowed never to go back on social media, which she has also dubbed “highly unhealthy for people’s mental health”.

The Star Wars actress made the comments in a new Radio Times interview. “I came off it [social media] last September and I will never go back on,” she states.

Ridley continues: “The more I read about teenage anxiety, the more I think it’s highly unhealthy for people’s mental health. It’s such a weird thing for young people to look at distorted images of things they should be”.