Daniel Day-Lewis named ‘most bankable’ British star in Hollywood

The 'There Will Be Blood' actor tops a list that also features Helen Mirren, Hugh Grant and Sir Patrick Stewart

Daniel Day-Lewis has been named as the “most bankable” British star in Hollywood.

The rankings, published by Party Casino, aim to give an indication of which British film stars are most capable of guaranteeing success at the US box office.

The latest figures on Hollywood’s “most bankable” British stars have now been released, with Day-Lewis topping the charts. According to the findings, Day-Lewis – who has starred in such films as Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and Gangs of New York – brings in $4.50 (£3.39) at the box office for every $1 that is spent on one of his films.


Other high-ranking stars include James McAvoy ($3.70), Helen Mirren ($2.92) and Ewan McGregor ($2.39) – see the full list of Britain’s “most bankable stars” below.

1.Daniel Day-Lewis: $4.50

2. James McAvoy: $3.70

3. Helen Mirren: $2.92

4. Ewan McGregor: $2.39

5. Hugh Grant: $2.37


6. Ralph Fiennes: $1.92

7. Michael Caine: $1.77

8. Patrick Stewart: $1.62

9. Gerard Butler: $1.53

10. Sean Connery: $1.44

Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis

A list naming Britain’s least “bankable” stars has also been released, with Charlie Hunnam registering at the top – or rather bottom – of the list following the tough time his film King Arthur: The Legend had at the US box office earlier this year.

See the full list of the UK’s “least bankable” stars below.

1. Charlie Hunnam: $0.35

2. Albert Finney: $0.84

3. Daniel Craig: $0.94

4. Henry Cavill: $1.00

5. Pierce Brosnan: $1.07

6. Ian McKellen: $1.10

7. Gary Oldman: $1.16

8. Jude Law: $1.22

9. Anthony Hopkins: $1.26

10. Bill Nighy: $1.27

Meanwhile, Day-Lewis recently addressed his decision to retire from acting following the forthcoming release of his last film, ‘Phantom Thread’.

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