Daniel Myrick wants to make a series of ‘Blair Witch’ movies in the same vein as the Marvel Cinematic Universe

He is currently working on a UFO movie in the same style as the 1999 horror smash hit

One of the creators behind The Blair Witch Project has said that he wants to make a series of movies based on the 1999 horror classic, but in the same vein as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Released 20 years ago, The Blair Witch Project was a piece of groundbreaking cinema. It told the story of three teenagers going into the woods of Seneca Creek State Park, getting lost and enduring terrible, terrible things.

Shot in a reportage style, it saw the three actors playing the leads improvising much of the dialogue, filming the majority of the action themselves and responding mostly to off screen prompts for direction.


In a new interview with NME about the movie’s milestone anniversary, director Daniel Myrick revealed his desire to create a Blair Witch cosmos in the same vein as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After being asked about Blair Witch sequels Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, and the original movie’s 2016 reboot, that both he and his filmmaking partner Eduardo Sanchez were not involved in, Myrick revealed that they had “tonnes of ideas” for follow-up movies.

“We pitched them to Lionsgate,” he explained. “We even wrote a sequel script. Just for whatever reason, it didn’t spark with the studio and they went in another direction with it. But you know, we’re still holding out hope that they’ll come back to the original guys and maybe entertain one of our ideas.”

Blair Witch Project
Directors Daniel Myrick (right) and Eduardo Sanchez. (Photo credit: Corbis via Getty Images)

Listing his ideas, Myrick continued: “I always thought that the mythology we created was almost episodic. We’ve always wanted to explore the story of Elly Kedward [the 18th Century witch in the mythology], sort of in the tone of The VVitch from a few years ago. I’ve always thought there was a great, stand alone [Burkittsville serial killer] Rustin Parr film. I don’t think they’ll all have to be found footage films either. Go with the Marvel approach. You can tell all these stories within one universe. The audience base is there.


The director added that he is currently working on a UFO movie in “the same style as Blair Witch but it’s not really a horror movie.”

“I’ve just finished making a movie called Skyman,” he revealed. “It’s about a guy who claimed he saw a UFO in the desert when he was a kid, and now, 30 years later he’s obsessed with having a reunion. It’s sort of presented like a documentary. We’re in post now and it should be finished by August.”