Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Harry Potter fans are lot less sexually aggressive than Twilight ones’

The 'Woman In Black' star also says he'd love to work with Will Ferrell

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has said Harry Potter fans are less ‘sexually aggressive’ than Twilight fans in a recent interview.

The Woman In Black star was asked by Time Out London if he saw the Twilight series as a threat to the Harry Potter films. He responded by saying:

We’ve never been in any kind of competition with each other… we don’t care about the rivalry, the rivalry is all, like, other people care. I guess the fans kind of like to pit themselves against one another, which is strange.

He added that: “The fanbase for Harry Potter is a lot less sexually aggressive, shall we say, and I think that reflects the difference in tone of both films.” He added that he was ‘Team Edward’ as he’s a friend of star Robert Pattinson but said that he has only seen the first Twilight movie, which he “really enjoyed”.

He was then asked at what age he’d stop doing nude scenes in films and said: “If they want me naked at 80, they’ll get it. I don’t care!”

Radcliffe said that he’d be keen to work with Will Ferrell in the future: “I’d love to work with somebody like Will Ferrell, I’m a huge fan,” he said. “I’d love to get into comedy.”